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Low Transaction Cost and Efficient Trading
We are an agile and dynamic securities company that is continuously undergoing digital transformation to  meet the ever-changing market landscape. Our technology driven vision allows us to pass on the benefits to  our investors through low transaction costs and efficient trading.
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Trade all the shares and bonds on both Vietnamese major exchanges (Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi Stock Exchange)
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Reward and Loyalty Programs
• Viet Tin believes that loyalty of its investors is crucial for its long-term sustainable growth.
• Its unique and unprecedented reward and loyalty programs are intended to recognize the loyalty of  investors and lowering their transaction costs while trading.
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Management Team with strong Corporate governance and transparency
In its strive to excellence, Viet Tin has built a highly experienced and capable Management team. Their vast  international and local exposure, plus knowledge in banking and the securities industry have led to Viet Tin’s  adoption of the best practices to drive operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and instilling a high level  of corporate governance and transparency.
Mr. Ng Weng Seng
Mr. Ronald Nguyễn Anh Đạt
Ms. Hoàng Ngân Hà
Education is the key to become a Smarter Investor
Our commitment is to continuously educate our clients in their investment journey. We believe knowledge is  one of the investors’ best assets. We offer our clients tailored education programs based on their profiles and  investment objectives, which includes market news, webcasts, webinars and personal curriculums.
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